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Billing Department

Newtown Ambulance Squad handles all billing in-house. Our billing specialists work with insurance carriers and  patients to make the process as streamlined as possible.  Our billing personnel can help you understand insurance issues and answer your billing questions.  Payment plans are available if needed.  In addition, this department manages all credit card transactions. Should you have any questions about payment for services, subscriptions, or making donations you may contact our billing department at 215-968-3500 ext. 101

Make Payment Now!

Payment Guidelines

Payment by Cash: Please do not send cash in the mail. You may visit our facility at the above
address and we will gladly accept a cash payment. Please return the lower portion of your invoice with
your payment.

Payment by Check: Make checks payable to “Newtown Ambulance Squad” and mail or deliver in person to the above address, along with the lower portion of your invoice.

Payment by Credit Card: Please click on the link above or call our office at 215-968-3500 ext. 101