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Welcome To Newtown Ambulance Squad - Dial 911 For Emergencies  

- Basic and Advanced Life Support - Long Distance Transports
- Bariatric Services - PUC Licensed Paratransit Provider

To Schedule Non-emergency Service
Call 215-968-3500

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Recent Testimonials
Thank you for the use of your parking lot this past Sunday for our annual Car Wash.  It was a beautiful day and we raised a lot of money for the team.  Please accept our donation...

On behalf of the Newtown Historic Association, I would like to thank you and your members for participating in the 5th Grade Walking Tour.  It is so important that the students learn and appreciate what an important job you do for our community...
We want to thank your group for a great job done this year at the Grange Fair! Sorry we kept everyone so busy - hoping it won't be quite so hot next year.  The response by everyone at Newtown Ambulance was terrific, and we truly appreciate the help given to us whenever and wherever it was needed.. A note of thanks to let you know I am OK.  Bumps, bruises, nose & teeth sore and knee scraped & bruised.  Other than that, I'll be OK. Thank you for all your kindness to me in an embarrassing moment.  God bless all of you...




Mission Statement

Newtown Ambulance Squad is dedicated to providing responsive, high quality, professional emergency and non-emergency medical transport services to the residents of our area. We demand excellence from our highly trained, certified employees who are focused on providing patients with the best pre-hospital and post-hospital medical care available. We conduct all aspects of the business with honesty and integrity and strive to make our interactions with patients, family members, medical personnel, and business partners a positive experience for all

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